Get the Most from Maven in 2013

Greetings from Maven. First off, THANK YOU for helping to make 2012 our best year ever! We grew faster, worked with more customers, covered more topics, and paid more Mavens than ever before - and to cap it all of we held a great conference in December where we got to meet many of you in person!

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MavenScore Demystified (Part 2)

Earlier this week we commented extensively on MavenScore in an effort to help you better understand what MavenScore is and how it is calculated. Now we'll take a deeper look at some of the key elements of MavenScore and provide some tips on how you can improve your MavenScore. Be aware that there are some items you can control, and [...]

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MavenScore Demystified (Part 1)

Earlier this year, we deployed our proprietary Member rating system, known as MavenScore. As you have probably noticed if you are a Maven Member or Maven Client, every Member of our network receives a MavenScore the moment they join, and the score fluctuates over time as the Member participates in the Maven service. We get a lot of questions about [...]

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A Tale of Two Bio's

Last week we gave you 5 Tips for a Perfect Professional Bio. As a follow-up we thought we'd give you a concrete example of the difference between a well-written Maven Knowledge Summary that follows the guidelines we provided and one that does not. Consider the following Maven: This Maven is a Senior Vice-President in the cardiac rhythm management department at [...]

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5 Tips for a Perfect Knowledge Summary

Here at Maven we get to see a lot of professional bios. Some are great and some are... well... not so great. So how do you make your bio "perfect"? There is no absolute formula or methodology, but here are 5 quick tips that you should follow when writing or editing your Maven bio: 1) THIRD PERSON- A professional-looking bio [...]

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