How to make and keep connections

Networking happens on a daily basis and with social media networks, it is almost a minute-by-minute basis. How do you determine the people to connect with and more importantly which connections to maintain and foster?

Widgets: Connect With Me and Consult With Me

One of the Frequently Asked Questions from our Mavens is how to ensure they are profiting fully from all that a Maven membership has to offer. After activating your profile, of course, and occasionally checking in on our Bulletin Board to add yourself to a project or refer a colleague, what further steps can one take to highlight their Maven profile and maximize earnings? That answer is simple. Promote yourself with widgets! Our Connect with Me and Consult with Me widgets are an easy way to improve your visibility and generate more consulting opportunities and earn referral commissions.

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FAQ: How Can I Get More Involved in Maven?

Follow this guide to getting the most from Maven.

Maven February Update: Get Paid to Help Us Grow

The theme this month is MORE – more Mavens, more customers, and MORE opportunities for you to profit from Maven!

Connect. Consult. Profit.

Three great features to promote your Maven participation, build your network, and get more consulting offers!

End of the Year Maven Tune Up

Take a few minutes to optimize your Maven Profile and prepare for a successful 2012!

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