Who Uses Maven?

All kinds of professionals from virtually every industry use Maven to get smarter and make better decisions. Select a category below to learn more about how Maven can help you.

Consumer Goods & Services

Evaluate new high performance materials to regain market share in the athletic footwear market


Determine how to incorporate a new continuous monitoring technology into hospital beds

Industrial Products & Services

Determine the applicability of a new battery technology to underwater autonomous vehicles


Conduct a Virtual Ideation Panel of chief learning officers to explore how best to position a new continuing education product


Evaluate learnings from a third-party study of the semiconductor industry landscape and assess its applicability to fabless company’s market positioning


Understand how other industries such as Healthcare, Automotive, etc. are creating advanced textiles with improved performance characteristics

Business Development

Survey sourcing and procurement professionals across several industries regarding their impressions of a supply chain software offering


Train new hires on the company’s key business products, business practices, and organizational structure

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Assess the potential impact of an accounting standards change on a portfolio company’s balance sheet

Knowledge Management

Reduce external consulting expenses by utilizing the knowledge they already have available to them

Information Technology

Connect with peers who have deployed a specific security appliance to learn more about its field performance

Our Customers

We’re honored to work with hundreds of companies of all sizes – from startups to some of the world’s largest enterprises. Here are a few:

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