Maven Launches Virtual Ideation Panel on Olympic Challenges

Maven launches the first-ever public Virtual Ideation Panel, gathering reactions from leading experts regarding the challenges facing the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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Maven’s Most Interesting Jobs – Spirits Expert

Guyanan distillery worker and spirits expert, Carl Kanko, shares about his dream of working in one of the oldest and most unique distilleries in the world.

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Profit from What You Know and Who You Know (March 2015 Newsletter)

Our March 2015 newsletter includes tips for profiting not only from WHAT you know, but WHO you know. Learn about our Referral System and connection tools.

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Tips to Maximize Your Referral “Hit Rate” and Earn More Referral Commissions

Tips and best practices for maximizing your referral "hit rate" to earn more referral commissions and profit from bringing your contacts to Maven.

Is Your Company Getting Smarter? (February 2015 Newsletter)

Our February 2015 newsletter includes tips maximizing knowledge within your organization, a case study on alternative materials, and top recruiting needs.

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Maven’s Most Interesting Jobs – Seeking Counsel with a Marijuana Lawyer

Michigan-based marijuana lawyer dedicates his career to advocating for medical cannabis and hemp's wide range of practical and industrial applications.

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