We are drowning in data. According to a new study by IDC Digital Universe, nearly 1.8 zettabytes of data will be produced and replicated in 2011 alone. In case you're wondering, a zettabyte equals one sextillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) bytes. Engineers love superlatives, and this stat is full of them- for example, this year's 1.8 zettabytes is equivalent to the data required to [...]

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Did you know that you are already a consultant? Think about it - when was the last time a friend, colleague, customer, or other acquaintance asked you to help them to better understand a topic or make a more informed decision? Happens all the time, right? That's microconsulting - short bursts of knowledge, perspective, insight, and opinion that help others [...]

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The Need for Speed

When was the last time you had to make an important business decision, but lacked the information, insight, or perspective to do so? How many times have you made decisions with imperfect information, knowing that someone, somewhere had the expertise necessary to help you- if you could just find them, contact them, and motivate them to talk to you right [...]

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Crowdsourcing 101

Back on February 16th we welcomed Lukas Biewald, CEO of CrowdFlower, to Maven for a teleconference event on the emerging crowdsourcing industry. In case you missed it, here is a recording of the discussion. If you aren't familiar with how crowdsourcing companies like Crowdflower are helping companies and other large organizations solve big problems using a globally distributed "micro" workforce, [...]

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Soul Searching (aka Fun with T's & C's)

It was with great interest and amusement that we at Maven ran across this item regarding a UK company's hilarious April Fool's joke. It seems that Gamestation, an online computer game retailer, inserted language in their Terms & Conditions on April 1st granting the company "a non transferable option to claim, for now and for ever more, your [the buyer's] [...]

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From the Mouths of Mavens

At Maven we receive a substantial amount of feedback from our Members about their experiences with our service. Below are some comments that Members have submitted to us directly or included in invitations they have sent to others to join Maven: “I was just invited to my first Maven consultation and it fits my experience perfectly. The Maven client wants [...]

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Microconsulting: Why not?

Have you ever noticed how "everybody wants to be a consultant these days..."? While this is often uttered pejoratively, at Maven we believe that the growing ranks of professional consultants points to an important characteristic of the modern Knowledge Economy- that the speed and ubiquity of communications and transportation make it easier every day for individuals to find innovative ways [...]

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Chickens**t? Really?

Yes, really. You'd be amazed at the enormous range of research topics on which our Clients consult with our Members. In fact, if you're a Maven or a potential Maven, you might be surprised at just how interesting your knowledge is to other people- not to mention all of the different types of people who would find your insights valuable. [...]

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Knowledge for Everyone

Democratization of knowledge is the act of making knowledge available in an open way.  Throughout history, knowledge and information has been controlled and managed by only the most powerful people and institutions.  With the emergence of new, disseminating technologies and concepts, knowledge has moved from these controlled outlets to the general population, thus furthering the education of mankind. Technology has [...]

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What A Crowd Can Tell You

Join Maven and Gutenberg Communications for a live webcast onJanuary 15th, 2014 to discuss how professional knowledge networks can enhance the data you collect when running targeted surveys. Wyatt Nordstrom, Maven’s CEO, will be discuss: When a professional knowledge network should be considered in place of, or to augment, your existing contact pool How to optimize your survey criteria How to use survey [...]

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