Case Study: Testing the Waters (Water Treatment Engineer)

Case Study: Testing the Waters (Water Treatment Engineer)

The Problem

A water treatment engineer at a multinational industrial conglomerate was tasked with enhancing his company’s water treatment and desalination technologies. Though an experienced engineer, he had worked in power generation more broadly and had little knowledge of how the company’s current technologies could be applied to the water treatment industry. Not wanting to reinvent the wheel, he needed a way to gather insights on various water treatment and desalination processes, particularly in the textile, distillery, and steel/metal processing industries.

Critical Issues

Variety of Industries     Hands-on Experience      Speed

The Solution

The project owner spoke with his Maven Account Manager, who recommended conducting Telephone Consultations with on-the-ground experts and specialists who could talk him through the various processes and applications of this technology. Through Maven’s platform, the Account Manager helped to identify and qualify six experts in various industries with direct experience designing and managing water treatment processes. Fortunately, the customer’s first Consultation with a senior wastewater treatment specialist yielded enough information that he did not need to conduct any further calls. With no time wasted and the knowledge needed, he was able to proceed confidently in developing how his company’s technology could be used and best enhanced for various industry needs.

“I could have found this information elsewhere, but I certainly couldn’t have found it as quickly, or direct from the source. Maven saved me loads of time and introduced me to a new resource for this project as it moves forward.” – Water Treatment Engineer


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