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Project Description

Case Study: Turning Over a New Leaf (Plastic Packaging Consultant)

plastic packaging consultantThe Problem

The strategy team at a leading plastic packaging provider needed an efficient way to stay abreast of the needs not only of their customers, but their customer’s customers. Regarding their packaging designs and concepts, they needed to understand the unique requirements of each of their customers, as well as the demand trends of eventual end-users of their customers’ products. They had a rather cumbersome market research strategy in place, and couldn’t quickly or easily gauge the market’s response to their concepts. The strategy team had a feeling they were adapting too slowly, and were losing market share due to the team’s lack of timely information. The team had relied on their previous connections and market research strategy for years, and weren’t sure where to start to improve their research process.

Critical Issues

Technology Futurescaping         Multiple/Hard to Reach Perspectives         Packaging Strategy Expertise

The Solution

To gain insights for the team as quickly as possible, the Maven account manager recommended conducting an Electronic Survey to gather responses from experienced packaging innovation professionals and plastic packaging consultants. Within two days, over three dozen qualified experts shared feedback, giving the team perspectives from a wide range of backgrounds and industries. The strategy team carefully selected a handful of the respondents to follow up with via in-depth Telephone Consultations. Through these conversations, the team gained a much better understanding of what the market wanted, what current technologies were capable of, and what their team needed to do to make their products, and their customer’s products, better. They had plenty of validation to move forward, turning over a new leaf for their outdated product strategy.

  “We had this uneasy feeling that we were falling behind, and weren’t sure what our next step should be… until we found Maven.” –VP of Business Development

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