TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2015

Today’s innovators are tomorrow’s leaders.

Everyday Maven sees the potential of a good idea — and what can happen when it is shared with the right people, in the right format. Events like TechCrunch Disrupt NY, which kicked off yesterday in New York, foster the perfect setting for these ideas to come to life, and gain traction in the breakneck tech industry.

We’ve kept a close eye on the widely anticipated Startup Battlefield, where industry leaders coach startup hopefuls and provide feedback on back-to-back demos on everything from fertility trackers, to air-charging phone cases, to even 3D printers for living cells. The demos draw many a tech celebrity and CEO, as the rapid-fire demos feature some of the most promising innovations in apps, gadgets and the web.

The event is an important tap into tech industry developments as well, with speakers like Pinterest’s Head of Partnerships, Joanne Bradford, sharing news of Pinterest’s “aggressive roadmap,” and the company’s plans to make the platform available to third-party developers in the coming year. FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler also chimed in, opening up about his views on net neutrality and enthusiasm over the failed Time Warner Comcast merger. New York City Mayor De Blasio took the stage as well, discussing his $70 million commitment to bringing affordable high-speed Internet to NY state residents. 

While the day’s presentations ran the gamut from investment apps to fitness trackers, many of the speakers took time to remind us that children are our future and that it is they who will be responsible for the social good and progress of our future. “Kids don’t want to be educated, they want to learn. They want to make.” said Alex Klein (@alexnklein), the founder of a computer and coding kit for all ages.

We are reminded of the importance of learning and sharing knowledge, a tenet that rings especially true for us here at Maven.

Best of luck to all of our Mavens at the conference. To follow the conference developments, visit the TechCrunch TV and Twitter pages.