2015 is already off to great start for Maven and our customers! As more brilliant minds, and hundreds of new companies join Maven each day, our network continues to unlock new insights and innovations, making this year one of the most exciting times to be a Maven. Read on to learn more about how your company can benefit from Maven’s network growth and join the thousands of others who are changing our world with the help of professional expertise on demand. I’ve also included a new Case Study of one of our recent projects and some of our top recruiting needs for this month.

Is Your Company Getting Smarter?

We mentioned in our year-end wrap-up that 2014 was a remarkable year for Maven in terms of growth in nearly every regard: more customers, more network growth, more projects, higher payments – and more opportunities to profit from being part of the Maven community. But benefiting from Maven engagements goes beyond the individual. Companies spanning nearly every industry have benefited from harnessing and organizing the knowledge and expertise within the walls of their organization, and beyond. If your company is already a Maven customer, you may have access to our products and services. Reply to this message, and I can provide details about the status of your organization.

It’s Getting Hot in Here (Alternative Materials)

The research and development team at a leading sportswear company noticed a growing demand for synthetic down sportswear as well as a conflicting demand for lighter-weight material. The R&D team realized that to keep up with shifting consumer preferences and exploit this market gap, they needed to develop a new synthetic material that was lighter in weight and maintained the thermal properties of heavier polyester padding.
Read more about how Maven helped the company to anonymously gain insights about alternative materials that could be used during the stealth development of their superior new product line.

Top Recruiting Needs

Know anybody who meets any of these descriptions? If so,introduce them
to Maven and earn Referral Commissions.

  • Business Aircraft Owners and Operators
  • Aerospace Project Management Professionals
  • Food and Packaging Suppliers in New Zealand
  • Global Food Trade and Duty Law Experts
  • Silicon Carbide Experts