And the MOST INTERESTING MAVEN is…Mr. Greg McKinney!

In a new series, we will be highlighting some of the most interesting professions found on Maven’s network. Greg McKinney of Absolute Vehicle Control is responsible for teaching you (and others) how to drive on any surface, in any vehicle, and at any speed. He teaches spies how to drive and stay alive…how cool is that? We asked Greg to give us a little insight into what he does…

What do you do at Absolute Vehicle Control?

Greg: We train military, police, security professionals, executives and their families in high- and low-speed car control. We teach people how drive street vehicles (front wheel drive, rear wheel drive, all wheel drive, SUVs, etc) in the real world, very quickly and safely under high stress. Any vehicle, any surface, any speed, the best real-world driving instruction on the planet.

How did you get into this line of work?

Greg: I grew up in Watkins Glen, NY, which for years was the home of road racing in America. I’ve been around high-performance driving all my life. About ten years ago I started working with elite U.S. military. With their experience “downrange,” we developed curriculum that better meets the needs of people operating in high risk and tactical environments.

What is the most interesting aspect of the job?

Greg: I am privileged to work with an incredible team. Whether retired military or current racing champions, they are at the pinnacle of their fields. Yet, and this is most important to me, you would never know who they were if you weren’t told. They always put teaching first. We all love to drive. We all love to teach. And we all know that of any “tactical” skills we could teach, driving is the one most likely to save a life. If we can save that person’s life sitting next to us, then we should share our knowledge.

Are there any stories you can share about teaching students how to drive?

When you’re a passenger with a new student driving in the woods on single-track gravel roads at high speeds in a street car … let’s face it, it’s always interesting!

But what really drives our team is this simple distinction. Operating a motor vehicle is very very easy; driving a vehicle well is one of the most difficult things to do. The U.S. and global statistics clearly demonstrate motor vehicle lethality. (WHO predicts that by 2020, motor vehicle accidents will be the third leading cause of death worldwide. In the long run, over three times as many US soldiers will die in motor vehicle accidents than will in combat.) Of all the skills we could teach, we know that driving is the one skill most likely to save a life. Unfortunately, most of us are never taught fundamental driving skills. And these skills enable extraordinary capability. Really, there is no such thing as “tactical” driving. There is only driving well at all times.