2012 was an exciting year for Maven, full of interesting telephone consultation and survey requests from our customers and fantastic responses from our members answering those requests.  We’re looking forward to another great year in 2013, but wanted to quickly recap some of the hot topics of this past year.

  • Rhinitis Treatments – Scores of physicians from several different specialties, as well as others in the medical community, provided insight into allergic/non-allergic rhinitis treatment.
  • Automotive Industry – The automotive industry saw quite a bit of attention from Maven customers, especially in the areas of manufacturing, assembly, design, and commercial vehicles.
  • RFID Tagging – Radio-frequency identification technology was an area of interest as it pertains to a variety of products, from consumer goods to cattle.
  • Travel Websites – Web commerce and deal sites were a hot topic all around, but particularly in the travel industry, where customers were interested in learning about travel websites currently operating in cyberspace.
  • Electric Vehicles – All areas of the electric vehicle industry were looked into in 2012.  Plug-in hybrids, electric battery components and vehicle parts, electric motors, and electric vehicle OEMs were high on the radar of Maven customers.
  • Quick Service Restaurants – QSRs like Dunkin Donuts, Panera Bread, Tim Horton’s and the Cheesecake Factory were among several restaurants of interest in Maven project requests.
  • Online Advertising – As technology has expanded into new domains, advertisers have sought out audiences using these portals.  Maven customers have been interested in learning about the growth that has been seen in this industry through Facebook, Internet Radio (Pandora, Spotify, etc), and Mobile Applications, among others.

As a member, keep an eye out on your Bulletin Board and in your email for opportunities to come in 2013.  Likewise, if you are looking to learn about any of these subjects (or others!) contact Maven and we can help connect you with the right experts.