Over the last decade, growth in and focus on emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil, and Eastern Europe has been a defining characteristic of the global macroeconomic landscape. Despite the recent economic slowdown, these economies continue their steady march forward, with companies and capital entering these markets at an ever-increasing rate.

Without local knowledge, penetrating these markets can be difficult, and foreign companies often fail to navigate the business environment effectively. Fortunately, Maven can help.

A large Maven customer is developing their strategy to enter three of the largest emerging economies: Brazil, Russia, and China. They know they need “feet on the ground” but they have struggled to find the right people who can help them make a successful entry. After a frustrating search, they turned to Maven, hoping to gain insights from on-the-ground experts in these countries.

The customer conducted Maven Surveys of experts living in these countries to learn more about the current economic landscape, go-to-market best practices, and recent successes and failures of other similar companies.  In addition to generating direct insights about each market, the customer identified true experts who could help them speed their path to entry. These experts are now engaged with the customer to help establish local operations.

Maven’s consultant network includes members from over 150 countries and almost every conceivable profession, making it easier than ever to find local expertise in any market.