One of my least favorite things is trying to get an appointment to see the doctor. Actually seeing the doctor is not what bothers me. It’s the pain and waiting involved in getting the appointment (not to mention the never-ending wait in the doctor’s office once I get there). If only I could just talk to a doctor whenever I need to without actually having to set up an appointment to see them in person…

At Maven we’ve solved this problem – although regrettably not for sick patients. Rather, companies are increasingly using Maven to consult with and survey physicians and other medical professionals. Through our platform anyone can get written answers to Survey questions in as little as 20 minutes or be on the phone with an appropriate medical expert within hours. And while we’re not in the business of over-the-phone diagnosis for individuals (yet), we can help people who have a business need requiring medical expertise.

Our customers need quick answers from qualified experts in order to make better decisions about the products and services they provide for their customers. A few minutes of insights from a real doctor who sees real patients every day is worth a lot to people stuck in research labs, manufacturing facilities, and office buildings, especially when the right insights can mean the difference between a better product and a flop. In fact, this is what microconsulting is all about – short bursts of professional knowledge, perspective, insight, and expertise to help people make better business decisions.

Here are a handful of topics that our customers are exploring with our network of physicians:

  • Weight Management Issues
  • Allergy Medication Technology
  • Acid Reflux Causes and Solutions
  • Prebiotic Research
  • Medical Foods
  • Left Ventricular Assist Devices (LVAD’s)
  • Pathology Specimen Management
  • Tomosynthesis

These are just a few of the many healthcare-related topics in which our customers are interested. If you think you can help with one or more of these, just login to Maven and review open opportunities on the Bulletin Board. And if you need medical expertise to help your business, let us know and we’ll hook you up!