San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2011

With 17 months left before the 2012 presidential election Maven, the global knowledge marketplace and microconsulting platform, tapped into its members’ expertise to ask the questions: “who will win in 2012 and why?” Those who answered the survey included many of Maven’s political experts, including political consultants, lobbyists, and government relations professionals .

The results show Barack Obama receiving 56 percent of the votes. With a large field of candidates and potential candidates on the Republican side, the votes were decidedly split, with Mitt Romney receiving the majority with 25 percent, followed by Tim Pawlenty with 8 percent, and Rudy Giuliani with 4 percent.

“This was not your typical “person on the street” survey,” commented Maven Co-Founder and CEO Wyatt Nordstrom. “These are people who work in and around politics. These are qualified experts who understand how the system works, and the factors that go into electing a President.”

The participants were also asked to give reasons for their selections. A few highlights of these comments include:

(Obama) will run a very negative, but well funded campaign, against an exceptionally weak GOP candidate.

(Obama) will raise the money needed, be well organized and is a great campaigner. He will communicate accomplishments better as a candidate than as president.

Obama will have difficulty winning, even though he is an incumbent. The Republican candidate who … is most likely to get the nomination and be competitive is Romney.

The economy will be the number one issue for voters and Mitt Romney has a greater background on the issue as well as a better ability to translate his message.

This is the first of a series of surveys that will be conducted by Maven leading up to the election in November, 2012. Results will be tracked to illustrate how sentiment among the respondent population changes as events unfold.

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