When was the last time you had to make an important business decision, but lacked the information, insight, or perspective to do so? How many times have you made decisions with imperfect information, knowing that someone, somewhere had the expertise necessary to help you- if you could just find them, contact them, and motivate them to talk to you right away? What do you do when you need to talk to an expert RIGHT NOW?

We built Maven to answer these questions. When we surveyed the landscape of information resources, we couldn’t find a place to gain instant, on-demand insight from knowledgeable professionals. Sure, you can run Google searches, talk to your friends and associates, and even post questions on social networks and “answers” sites, but none of these reliably provide immediate answers to your specific questions from highly qualified experts in a flexible, dynamic, secure, and controlled format.

Maven does.

We recognize that speed matters and built the Maven platform for “real-time research.” And by “real-time” we mean RIGHT NOW. When you ask Maven for expertise, our unique microconsulting platform delivers it immediately- in fact, the average turnaround time from submission of an expertise request to the Maven system to receipt the first fully-qualified expert response is less than one hour. To be clear, this isn’t “here’s a list of people who MIGHT be able to help you.” Rather, it is “here are experts who have responded to your specific request, demonstrated knowledge of your topic of interest, and agreed to speak with you as soon as possible.”

Our fastest turnaround time ever? 2 minutes. (Yes, TWO minutes.)

Moreover, we typically deliver 2-5 additional fully vetted and qualified individuals within 24 hours of submission of an expertise request, and it is not uncommon to receive 10 or more qualified responses.

Maven’s Clients frequently ask to speak with someone as soon as possible- usually within a day or two, sometimes within a few hours. Almost invariably, Maven delivers, and as far as we’ve heard, we are the only source of instant expertise available to all professionals. As Michael Moe, Founder & CEO of neXtup Research recently said:

We are using Maven and have found it to be the only way to get enough insight in a timely manner to make informed decisions.

So don’t be shy… if you need expertise right now, contact us. We can help.