At Maven we receive a substantial amount of feedback from our Members about their experiences with our service. Below are some comments that Members have submitted to us directly or included in invitations they have sent to others to join Maven:

“I was just invited to my first Maven consultation and it fits my experience perfectly. The Maven client wants to talk for approximately 30 minutes about non-proprietary aspects of my laboratory equipment. I’m excited to speak with them!”

“Maven Research just paid me $300/hr for a 45 minute call to discuss non-profit fundraising with an analyst at a venture capital firm. They look for people across a variety of fields to talk to.”

“I got so frustrated with middlemen driven “expert networks” that kept contacting me about things that I am obliged not to discuss, that I took myself off of their platform. With Maven, however, I’ve made it very clear in my Profile what I can (and cannot) discuss… since Maven clients do not work through middlemen, I know that they will see my restrictions before they invite me to a consultation.”