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Maven for Technology Companies

Innovation on Demand


Acquire Relevant Technical Expertise

When it comes to technology, things move quickly. You need to constantly innovate, refresh your expertise, and redefine yourself or you will get left behind. Maven itself is a technology company, so we understand this implicitly. From startups to world dominators, we help technology companies of all sizes to stay ahead by delivering insights from those at the bleeding edge – the people developing the solutions that can make your next product a blockbuster. We have the world’s largest pool of on-demand technical expertise ready to help you innovate.

Move Quickly

You’re in a race against the competition to develop the next game-changing product with the latest technology. Maven is the fastest way to source technical expertise. Beyond identifying brilliant people who can help, you can use our platform to engage them on projects and quickly add them to your team (either virtually or in person) so they can begin contributing right away. The help you need is less than a day away.

Learn from Other Industries

When searching for new ideas and innovative solutions, you often need to look beyond your own industry. Maven has deep connections across all industries and professions – connections that technology companies use to learn how their problems have been solved by others. Use Maven to reach outside of your comfort zone and discover ways to approach problems that have never been tried by your competitors.

Keep Learning

Your education and experience define you, but while your experience keeps growing it’s hard to find time to continue your education. Maven’s university connections run deep – we have relationships with tens of thousands of professors and researchers in academia who can teach you what they know and help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge.

Technology companies are currently using Maven to…

  • Understand how other industries such as Healthcare, Automotive, Aerospace, and Manufacturing are developing innovative new solutions
  • Assess the Healthcare industry’s readiness for disposable medical sensors
  • Evaluate the market potential and risk of investing in a new technology
  • Identify a panel of experts to speak at mobile payments industry event
  • Understand the global impact of Ebola and how technology can be applied to help manage the disease now and in the future
  • Assess developments in wearable technology for the apparel industry
  • Incorporate a new material synthesized in a university laboratory into a next-generation battery
  • Conduct focus groups to understand if a new wireless 4G product would be embraced by their target market
  • Survey Compliance Officers and Risk Management professionals to provide feedback on the development of a new ‘Know Your Customer’ software application
  • Assess future customer demand to ensure adequate manufacturing capacity


End user testing is very challenging. Finding the right set of testers is difficult, and even when you do find them it is tough to remain objective about their feedback when you know them personally. Maven solved both of these problems. They quickly assembled the right group of Know Your Customer compliance experts and the anonymous Survey approach helped us to get unbiased results.
Senior Product Design Engineer
This was truly a diving catch. We were going to have to cancel the mobile payments event, but Maven stepped in and delivered exactly what we needed. When our Maven account manager said “piece of cake,” we were very skeptical, but within hours she had arranged everything to perfection.
Vice President of Mobile Technology
Not only did the subject matter experts that Maven presented to us provide extremely valuable insight to the direction of the project, but they were the highlight of the event.
Innovation Director
The high quality of work, key insights, and detailed analysis that was presented in such a short amount of time made me feel confident going into the stakeholders meeting. The deep insights into the landscape of the market and competition were key when creating our plan to revamp this key product.
Marketing Director
The customer wanted us to double down on our investment. Instead of rolling the dice we were able to make an informed decision.
Chief Executive Officer

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