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One of the toughest things about my job at Maven is watching very qualified people miss out on big opportunities because they didn’t respond quickly enough to an invitation to consult. It happens almost every day. You see, our customers typically want to speak with someone (or read Survey responses) RIGHT NOW, and the fastest people to respond to […]

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Don’t miss out on the fun this basketball season, put Maven to work while you hustle for the winning bracket!

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Maven has social media presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ and invites you to follow us for information on new projects, events, and open innovation news.

Social Media Success Stories

Two Mavens find new opportunities to consult via our LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

The Facebook IPO: Is This The Beginning, or The Beginning of The End?

Maven Surveys of Financial and Social Media Professionals Reveal Cautious Optimism

How the Facebook IPO Will Affect Growth & Investments

Maven’s recent Facebook Surveys were covered by Forbes!

Exclusive Survey Preview: Facebook – Is this the Beginning… or the Beginning of the End?

Check out a preview of our upcoming Survey of Social Media Professionals on the Facebook’s future prospects.

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Exclusive Survey Preview: The Facebook IPO – Hot Stock or All Hype?

Check out a preview of our upcoming Survey of Professional Investors on the prospects for the Facebook IPO.

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Follow these simple tips from our Social Media Maven, Chuck Hester, to improve your online visibility and maximize your opportunities to profit from Maven.

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